CORSAIR Flash Voyager 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive - CMFUSB2.0-16GB
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Update: Price drops $1.4.
  • Use 10% off Newegg Coupon EMCNFJG37 [Exp. 04/19/12]
  • Free shipping.
  • After $5 Rebate  [Exp: 04/16/12]
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Deal Description

The 16 GB Flash Voyager features Corsair's proprietary all-rubber housing boasting unheard-of durability. In many third party reviews, the Flash Voyager has been shown laundered, baked, frozen, boiled, dropped, even run over by an SUV, and it continues to work!

We obviously don't recommend you subject your Voyager to such abuse, but it's good to know that it's up to the challenge of living at the bottom of your briefcase, purse, or desk
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#11   Mario Posted on 12/21/11 01:29:13PM

Free Shipping and a $10 rebate, nice

#10   Menauhant Posted on 12/21/11 09:34:02AM

Yes it worked with free shipping

#9   LT Posted on 12/21/11 09:20:06AM

SCORED ONE!!! YIPPEE MY 10TH TDRIVE!! can never have too many!

#8   Y lau Posted on 11/08/11 11:02:59AM

Still available with BlackNov code and MIR

#7   Don Posted on 10/28/11 11:06:22AM

Max number sold... no more. ;-(

#6   Posted on 10/28/11 10:00:03AM

Out of Stock

#5   whtwolf Posted on 10/22/11 03:04:11PM

$8 for one of the fastest thumb drives for USB 2.0, do not miss it. Newegg always delivers.

#4   iphone cases Posted on 10/22/11 12:55:13AM

what do you think of it?

#3   iphone cases Posted on 10/22/11 12:54:42AM

i like it

#2   Posted on 10/19/11 10:50:55AM

Out of stock.

#1   Wst553 Posted on 09/30/10 11:59:33AM

Could not find this on Newegg site

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