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Posted: 11/25/12 07:37AM; Expires: 11/27/12

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Craftsman Hammerhead Auto Hammer drives nails where hammers cant! Need to drive a nail in tight spaces or overhead where clearance and ergonomics work against you? The Hammerhead is your solution! Powered by a long-lasting 12 volt Li-Ion battery, the patented hammering action drives both finish and common nails flush up to 3-1/2 long (16d). With 3600 Beats Per Minute or strikes, this tool drives nails quickly and effortlessly without the need for expensive pneumatics with cumbersome hoses. A great tool to have by your side for whatever life throws your way.Read full description


#3   george Posted on 11/20/12 10:37:47AM

priced at 49.99

#2   PATTY Posted on 11/20/12 10:20:07AM


#1   paulet38 Posted on 11/20/12 09:23:54AM

comes up as $49 and no screw bits

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