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Sears has the Craftsman All Rubber Garden Hose 5/8 In. x 50 Ft for $12.95. Choose in-store pickup to save on shipping.
Last Updated:10/07/15 06:58AM; Expires: 10/07/15

Deal Description

Don't drag that busted old garden hose around your yard another summer. Instead, grab the durable Craftsman 50ft garden hose and forget the yards of tape, leaky couplers and pin-hole leaks that rob you of the pressure you need to wash the car, or send water out to a thirsty garden. When the leaves are sagging this summer, make sure you have a hose you can depend on, and stop wasting water with dozens of leaks.

The Craftsman 5/8 inch dia
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#16   rich s. Posted on 10/07/15 02:04:28PM


#15   Posted on 06/01/14 05:25:54PM

19.99 for club members

#14   Jim Posted on 06/01/14 03:28:26PM

Temporary unavailable for few hours, now back on line $19.99 for club members ( a 10 dollars increased after I did signed up to join of course!)

#13   #8 Its there Posted on 06/01/14 01:38:28PM

and the clup price is $19.99

#12   Gene Posted on 06/01/14 01:13:32PM

Not $9.99, its $19.99

#11   Steve Posted on 06/01/14 12:44:51PM

It's no wonder Sears is on the way out.....

#10   guest Posted on 06/01/14 12:43:54PM

Club price is $19.99 on website,, not $9.99.

#9   I dont know what anyone's looking at Posted on 06/01/14 12:41:32PM

The sale price is $24.99 with club its !9.99

#8   Its available Posted on 06/01/14 12:38:03PM

Club price is $19.99

#7   BXNITRO Posted on 06/01/14 10:30:15AM


#6   John Posted on 06/01/14 10:26:23AM

The item is not available.

#5   Jim Posted on 06/01/14 09:13:02AM


#4   bill Posted on 09/15/12 10:16:19AM


#3   Posted on 08/19/12 09:47:57AM

its 33.24

#2   Manuel Alonso Posted on 03/26/11 07:25:34AM

This link did not work, the price remained at $29.99

#1   Posted on 05/01/10 11:14:03AM

its gone now

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