HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series: 17.3" Laptop, Core i7-2670QM 2.2GHz, 8GB Memory, 750GB Hard Drive, Blu-ray, Windows 7 Premium
Buying Instructions:
1. Click here to go to HP
2. Add to cart
3. Use $350 off Newegg Coupon Code EMCXNWV222 [Exp. 07/14/13]
4. Final Price: $1249.99 - $350 off coupon = $899.99 + Free Shipping.
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Last Updated:05/07/12 07:33PM; Expires: 05/13/12
HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series
Processors2nd generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM (2.2 GHz, 6MB L3 Cache) with Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz
Display17.3" HD+ HP BrightView LED (1600 x 900)
Hard Drives750GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
MemoryFREE Upgrade to 8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
Networking802.11b/g/n WLAN
Optical DrivesFree UPGRADE to Blu-ray player & SuperMulti DVD burner
Operating SystemGenuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Support2-year hardware limited warranty
Video Cards1GB AMD Radeon(TM) HD 7470M GDDR5 Discrete Graphics(TM) [HDMI, VGA]
Customize & Buy HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series


#44   clf Posted on 04/12/12 01:55:06PM

The discount shows up until its time to put in your credit card.....

#43   nxs Posted on 02/09/12 02:41:16AM

Cannot use the buy now pay later selection to pay because it will take away the coupon discount. Otherwise it worked perfect! (so far) But I haven't actually got it yet (del Feb 20)

#42   Martin Posted on 12/04/11 04:35:27AM

I got a total of $412.50 instant discounts on the HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition customizable Notebook PC.

#41   saintphd Posted on 05/17/11 02:37:18PM

It works but the HP zip code calculator isn't accurate.

#40   Blake D Posted on 05/09/11 05:25:21PM

Used it this am without any problem. Note that you will only get another $150 discount when entering at checkout, since you already get a $150 instant rebate on the HP site. Still comes out to be a great deal.

#39   Mark Posted on 04/19/11 06:28:40PM

worked fine

#38   str Posted on 04/16/11 11:58:49PM


#37   abc Posted on 04/10/11 04:08:09AM

only 850$ in frys b&M

#36   Al Posted on 04/01/11 10:56:53AM

Worked perfectly both online and over the phone.

#35   Edward Posted on 03/31/11 12:59:46AM

I ordered it with the works the order came to over $1800 dollars and I got a $540 dollar discount, sweet deal!

#34   K2 Posted on 03/26/11 08:02:41PM

Happy to be the best deal on the list since last May! My computer geek could not believe that price for an i7 processor! Yipee!

#33   sharon Posted on 03/25/11 02:40:55PM

coupoun worked like a charm, saved me 30% on pavillion dv7t! Thanks! excited to get my laptop!!

#32   G Posted on 03/22/11 09:52:31AM

it worked

#31   wayne Posted on 03/21/11 02:03:19AM

yes it works great price but you may have to put the code in more then once when you check out, it lost the code and I had to hit back button and put code in it got lost

#30   koshal2000 Posted on 03/10/11 10:39:17AM

How much does this weigh?

#29   Posted on 02/04/11 07:56:08PM

They cancelled my order because of i7 quad core. Something wrong with it, I guess.

#28   Steve Adorisio Posted on 02/01/11 03:48:50PM

Yes it worked I had to enter it a couple of times but I have one on the way

#27   oo Posted on 01/19/11 07:45:16PM

OMG how good is this deal, should I buy it? How good are HP laptops? Does it heat up quickly?

#26   Adam Posted on 01/15/11 04:26:08PM


#25   2nd gen Intel i7 Posted on 01/10/11 09:12:56PM

thanks , saved me 200 from the already 150 discount for this system. so in all 350 off sandy bridge.

#24   hany Posted on 05/03/10 02:31:10PM

this is the same code as the one for the dv8t

#23   ip Posted on 04/25/10 08:05:48PM


#22   bev Posted on 03/31/10 02:33:12PM

this coupon is not valid due to an instant rebate

#21   cccme Posted on 03/25/10 12:16:26AM

Worked for me yesterday.... 3/24 When i was at the checkout screen it would try to cancel it but i would reenter the coupon and then not continue forward and then check out, then it worked. Just gotta mess aroudn with it

#20   April F. Posted on 03/20/10 09:30:54AM

Didn't work

#19   george Posted on 03/10/10 01:59:58PM

This coupon worked just fine.

#18   creed smith Posted on 02/27/10 08:36:44AM

great to get the extra $250 off. makes the needed upgrades to the base model affordable, and pretty well crushes the alternative computer choices ($200 HP instant rebate + this $250 coupon)--nice.

#17   roger Posted on 02/08/10 03:34:58PM


#16   CDG Posted on 01/17/10 01:50:49AM

Worked a few days ago, but no longer is working.

#15   Sphinx Posted on 01/15/10 09:28:33PM

It works! Make sure you don't back out of the cart or go back. If you do the coupon will come back invalid. I had to go to a different computer after trying for over an hour to get it back up and It worked. I thought I lost my chance so try again.

#14   D Posted on 01/15/10 09:24:12PM

YES! Got it!

#13   Justin Posted on 01/15/10 02:07:14PM

Wow, finally I got my hp dv7t quad with this $350 off coupon! Thanks!

#12   unimpressed Posted on 01/15/10 12:43:01PM

not valid

#11   Posted on 01/09/10 05:33:45PM

Did not work. Wish I had known it would expire after 1800 uses. It worked one minute then not the next. Can't believe I had it and lost it just because I wanted to verify that I had everything on the computer I wanted.

#10   Rannel Posted on 12/20/09 12:35:38AM

Be careful about back button, it tend to drop the coupon. Customer sales sometimes don't have a clue of these coupons available.

#9   Posted on 12/17/09 10:32:20PM


#8   P.Y. Posted on 12/16/09 01:42:11PM

Great deal, just ordered one.

#7   M. Y. Posted on 11/29/09 10:43:31PM

The coupon code works. I got $400 off. Thank you very much. Be aware of the HP's shopping cart/check out process. I needed to enter the coupon code several times to ensure getting the discount before the final order confirmation. M. Y.

#6   Posted on 11/29/09 08:47:47PM

tried this on 11/29 7PM / PST always got no items in card when I tried to applied this coupon

#5   Ken C. Posted on 11/29/09 09:20:48AM

Did not click through on purchase but deal worked and coupon code was accepted.

#4   K Posted on 11/28/09 02:38:30PM

Thanks for the coupon. It worked!

#3   Simo Posted on 11/27/09 01:34:35PM

899 work just fine

#2   TYLER Posted on 11/27/09 12:39:36PM

WORKS!!! THANKS 11/27/09

#1   dv7t quad Posted on 11/10/09 02:19:19AM

great deal. thanks for the coupon

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