Rain-X Fusion Wiper Blade for Free After Rebate (Walmart Only)
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Rain-X offers Rain-X Fusion Wiper Blade for Free after Rebate (Up to $15.99 off) [Exp. 03/31]. Offer exclusively available at Walmart.
Posted: 03/17/12 08:34PM; Expires: 03/31/12


#7   ntb Posted on 03/20/12 10:45:12PM

removed rebate form i feel it was just a joke

#6   rich Posted on 03/20/12 02:46:26PM

Rain X customer service informed me that the Fusion blades are only available in certain stores but not on-line. They suggest to visit the store since this blade is fairly new item and walmart employees are not familiar with them when you inquire over the phone. Let us know if anyone has located this FREE blades. Thx!

#5   Mark Posted on 03/19/12 09:19:09AM

There is a Superstore down the street- I have the rebate coupon- so I will go see if they have the blades! WalMart is pretty good about standing behind offers, so they may even give me another one for free if they don't have this one. Some hassle, but should work.

#4   tbp Posted on 03/19/12 01:17:20AM

may after weeks time walmart may so print rebate cupon an keep it

#3   Bob Posted on 03/18/12 04:09:46PM

They carry the RainX brand but never heard of the Fusion. Useless rebate.

#2   Posted on 03/18/12 02:52:56PM

You can print the rebate form easily, but Walmart does not currently carry the Rain-X "Fusion". Because it's a new product, they have no ETA when it will be available.

#1   Randy Posted on 03/18/12 11:07:46AM

Seems simple enough, Buy the wiper blade at Wal-mart, print the form and mail it in and wait for your rebate.

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