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In-store Pickup only, Home Depot has the Suncast 63 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box for $29.88.
Posted: 04/21/13 09:10PM

Deal Description

You will have a quick and easy place to stash your barbecue equipment or gardening tools with a 63-gallon outdoor storage box from Suncast. The durable resin construction resist weather, and will not fade or rust. Stay-dry design helps prevent mildew. Builtin handles and rollers for mobility allows you to move this unit anywhere you need to with ease. Time to get organized and clear up some space in your garage, patio or storage shed.

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#2   Yvonne Clark Posted on 04/24/13 03:27:09PM

Not available at any store in my area. I was disappointed as we were needing this before my son graduates.

#1   Larry Williamson Posted on 04/22/13 10:43:44AM

Not available at any store in my area.

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