YellowTop High-performance AGM Battery
Advance Auto Parts
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Advance Auto Parts has the YellowTop High-performance AGM Battery for $200.99 - $50 off $150 Advance Auto Parts Coupon VISA - $25 rebate [Exp. 05/31] = $125.99 + Free Shipping.
Posted: 04/09/12 08:34AM; Expires: 05/31/12

Deal Description

The YellowTop high-performance AGM battery is one of the only true dual-purpose automotive batteries available. With premium cranking power and unparalleled cycling capability (rechargeability), it is perfect for modern accessory-loaded vehicles.

Product Features:

* SPIRALCELL Technology provides 15x the vibration resistance of a traditional battery
* Deep cycling and cranking power
* Up to 2x longer life
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